MMC Application for High Efficiency Heat Sink

Metal Matrix Composites 
RichEnergy Technology offers broad range of MMC solution, base on MMC material will improve component and machine best stability. Application including Semiconductor processing equipment, TFT-LCD equipment system, Aerospace,

  • Lightweight and High rigidity
  • (With a density equivalentto aluminum , and the rigidity is 1.6 times.)
  • Low thermal expansion (Lower than copper)
  • High thermal conductivity (1.4times of Die-Cast product)
  • Vibration damping properties

Material Model:
- AL/SiC Casting - SA301/SA401

Application Field:
  • IGBT Heat Sink
  • Inverter
  • Variable speed refrigerators
  • Uninterruptable power system
  • Variable Frequency Drives(VFDs)
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Hybrid Vehicles
  • High Speed Rail Train

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