Used Equipment for Sale:
    Brand / Vendor: Exitech Limited, UK.
    Model: M8000
    Condition: Used
        - Units display, keyboard, controller, 
        - Unable to power on system due to limited testing ability
        - Functionality is unknown and untested due to out limited testing resources
    Sale As-Is

Excimer Laser Wanted:
 Maker Category Model Condition
COHERENT /  Lambda PhysikExcimer Laser Lambda Steel 1000
- No parts missing
- Working condition
COHERENT /  Lambda Physik  Excimer Laser  Lambda Steel 2000
COHERENT /  Lambda PhysikExcimer Laser SX series, 540C, 315C, 200C
COHERENT / Lambda Physik  Excimer Laser Lambda 4000 series, 4308 
COHERENT / Lambda Physik  

  Excimer Laser  NOVALINE series, NL100, K4020, A4020