We are expert service provider for EXCIMER Laser system. 

We offer service of re-marketing, repairs service, excimer laser refurbishments, and relocation services. Established the RD Lab Center and workshop in Taiwan. Warehouse for excimer laser spare parts stock.

Technology Service Item:

  • Excimer Laser system maintain and Repair service
  • Excimer Laser system Refurbishment and Retrofit
  • Excimer Laser system relocation service
  • Excimer Laser equipment parts trading
  • Customized Spare parts development

Excimer Laser Repair Item:

  • Excimer Laser Discharge Chambers
  • Output Coupler Lens (OC Lens)
  • Laser beam shutter and PCB
  • High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)
  • Gas module
  • Coolant module
  • Blower motor controller
  • Cryo pump

Other miscellaneous parts:

  • Ultra 10 workstation
  • Optics, Lens A / B / C
  • ASML, NIKON, CANON parts improvement
  • HVPS Cable
  • Chamber windows