The non-contact LCD-R resistivity measurement systems have been specially designed for large substrates, as required for manufacturing flat panel displays. As in-line systems, the non-contact LCD-R resistivity measurement systems are integrated into the conveyor system of the production line and perform a non-contact resistivity measurement of the substrate coating while the substrate is transported by the conveyor system. With up to 10 measurement tracks, excellent site resolution is achieved even in production lines of the next generation.

Depending on the specific requirements of the production line, the non-contact resistivity measurement systems of the model series LCD-R are available with a measurement range of three (3) decades and more. Measurement systems with a measurement range over 1.000 Ohm/sq are available as well. In addition, the system design allows integrating measurement systems with various measurement ranges into one production line. With the system software, measurement recipes are generated that allow, among other functions, selecting the appropriate measurement system.