The M-RES 2000 is the ideal non-contact resistivity measurement system for all applications in the semiconductor production of silicon or compound material applications. The M-RES 2000 resistivity measurement systems are typically supplied with two sensor systems for a measurement range over 6 decades. The measurement range is preset at the factory for the corresponding application for measuring resistivities between 50 µOhm/sq and over 100 kOhm/sq. The M-RES 2000 non-contact resistivity measurement system is available for measuring resistivities up to 500 kOhm/sq. Various models of the measurement systems are available either for manual operation, semi-automated operation with mapping function or as a fully automated measurement system with integrated wafer handling. The M-RES 2000 is capable of measuring wafers with 2" to 300mm diameters.

In addition, the non-contact resistivity measurement systems of the M-RES 2000 model series offer a non-contact measurement of the wafer thickness. This measurement is performed together with the resistivity measurement, almost at the same site. It is used, for example, to calculate measurement values directly for the bulk resistivity of the sample. In addition, the wafer thickness data is used to perform the automatic correction of the measurement results in relation to the wafer thickness. The measurement systems of the M-RES 2000 model series can therefore be used for measuring wafers of varying thickness without requiring special calibration for each wafer thickness. As a further automatic correction of the measurement values, a temperature measurement is integrated, recording the sample temperature during the measurement. Finally, the non-contact determination of the conductivity type that is also available completes the automatic correction of the non-contact resistivity measurement with the measurement systems of the M-RES 2000 model series.

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