The non-contact resistivity measurement system of the model series PV-R has been designed for in-line measurements on substrates for solar cells, during production of the substrates and after diffusion. In continuous operation, several sites on the wafer are measured simultaneously. After evaluation, this allows determining the distribution of resistivity values across the surface of the substrates. The non-contact PV-R resistivity measurement systems feature an extraordinarily high measuring rate. The systems offer excellent information about the resistivity distribution without impacting the throughput at the production line.

The non-contact resistivity measurement systems of the PV-R model series are available in versions with integrated thickness measurement of the substrates. In addition to directly recording measurement results as bulk resistivity, these models offer an automatic correction of the measurement results in relation to the wafer thickness at the corresponding measurement site. The model without the non-contact resistivity measurement can be used for determining the thickness distribution of the substrates. 

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