Automotive and equipment manufacturers    

Cleanroom / Semiconductor
Staubli brings key advantages for this demanding market:
  - demonstrated reliability
  - extensive product range of 4 and 6-axix robots from 1 to 250kg.
  - unique CS8 controller platform with complete software solutions
  - High performance (Speed, Precision, Rigidity and reliability)
  - International service / support
The Cleanroom range has been developed to meet clean environment requirements:
  - high cleanliness (ISO class 2/3 - SCR and class 3/4 - CR versions)
  - high productivity (high speed, reliablility and dexterity)
  - Straight lines slot loading / unloading (high path precision)
  - optimized cell volume (small arm footprint, large work envelope)

Machine tending / MachiningPainting
 A full line of 4, 5 or 6 axis-robots features:
  - encolosed structure with IP65 arm and IP67 wrist
  - ease integration in or outside a machines (small footprint and many mounting options)
  - added productivity (high speed and precision)
  - ease of programming ( dedicated VALproducts software)
  - dedicated solution for machining (high speed spindle integrated into the arm)
A dedicated range of Painting robots offers unique benefits:
  - ease of use by the painter (PaintXen software)  
  - savings in paint and solvents, lower environmental impact ( high path accuracy
  - reduced contamination (hollow wrist)
  - optimum integration  multiple attachment possibilities)
  - pending CE, FM and TIIS certifications    
Food Processing
Life Sciences / Pharmaceutical

4 and 6 asix-robots solutions feature unique advantages:
  - easy cleaning (minimum retentioin areas), wash down
  - high productivity (high reliability and speed even with heavy payloads)
  - compact cell design (many mounting possibilities and large work envelope)
  - high flesibility allowing to market innovative products and packaging

The Cleanroom and Stericlean robots provide the ideal solution to the unique clemands og the life science industry:
  - reduced risks of contamination )grade A to grade D versions)
  - efficient cell layout (large work envelope and various mounting options)
  - improved productivity (reliability and precision)

PlasticsSolar / Photovoltaics
This line of 6 axis-robots is made for the Plastics industry:
  - ease of use by machine operators (VALplast software)
  - communications with IMM (pre-wired Euromap / SPI interface)
  - cleanliness (ISO class 5) for use in clean environment
  - high throughput (high speed and precision)
  - 6 degree of freedom make if ideal to handle secondary operations at the foot of the press
These robots are perfectly adapted for crystaline silicon and thin film technologies:
  - ISO class 5 cleanliness (fully enclosed robot arm structure)
  - very smooth robot motion, best in its class
  - high productivity (combination of high speed, reliability and dexterity)
  - 25+ years of experience in demanding cleanroom and semiconductor fields.
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