Metal Matrix Composites MMC

We offer the very unique and high level excellent new MMC material. Metal / Ceramics combination ratio according to requirements. Material is made with specific recipe making incredible mechanical advantage.

RichEnergy offers broad range of MMC solution, base on MMC material will improve component and machine best stability. Application including Semiconductor processing equipment, TFT-LCD equipment system, Aerospace, .

MMC Material:

- Al / SiC, Infiltration Method, SA701

* Tables for LCD manufacturing equipments of 2m size Transport hand parts (LCD, Semiconductor) Wear resistant parts (Liner parts for Jet mill), Heat sinks

- Al / SiC, Casting Method, SA301 / SA401

* Tables for LCD manufacturing equipments fo more than 2m size. High speed parts for chip mounters Machine tool parts, Advance IC packing field

- Al / Si, Infiltration Method, SA001

* AP for Electrostatic chuck base plates, Probe card parts

- Si / SiC, Infiltration Method, SA501, SA701, SA702

* AP for Heat sinks, Structual material for LCD manufacturing equipments, Transport hand parts (LCD, Semiconductor)

Engineering Ceramics:

- SiC

- Al2O3

- Si3N4

- ZrO2


- Light Weight (Equivalent to aluminum, 1/3 of cast iron)

- High rigidity (1.8times of aluminum, Higher than cast iron)

- Hard to Crack Chip (Increased fracture toughness against ceramics)

- High Stiffness

- Low thermal expansion

- High thermal conductivity

- High Cooling Efficiency

- Hard to Chip

- Supports sizes larger ther ceramics

- High vibration damping

Silicon Carbide (SiC)