Wafer Handling Tooling

Wafer Handling ToolingProduct

    • PEEK + CF Tip Series
    • Vespel Tip Series
    • Customized Tip
    • Tip with Angle
    • Vacuum Wand
    • Portable VHS
    • Vacuum Gauge
    • Tuble & Connector
    • Stand


    • Every unique valve design ensures reliable suction and release of handled substrate.
    • The polished inner valve parts minimize particle generation.
    • The flatness of wafer tip provides excellent adhesion to handled substrate.
    • Various selective parts for your various handling application.
    • Various parts are compatible with our own product and for other vendors.
    • Major parts are made of engineering plastic to provide best abrasion resistance and less particle generation.
    • Carbon Fiber parts to insure dimensional stability.
    • ESD protection materials are applied to major parts of the system.

Application Field

    • Semiconductor Silicon wafer transfer
    • III-V Compound Semiconductor GaAs / Sapphire wafer handling
    • PV Solar cell wafer handling